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My Gender Identity

Gender identity is something that I have struggled with most of my life. It's something that has changed and evolved over time. From a very early age I felt like something didn't quite match up. I just had a strange feeling of not fitting in and not quite knowing why. I started crossdressing when I was fairly young. I remember playing sick just so I could stay home from school and raid my mother's closet. I never really understood why I felt so compelled to dress but I knew it was something that felt good and right to me. I also knew by then that it was something that would get me into a lot of trouble if my friends or family found out about it. So it became my little secret. I sort of accepted my status as a male and did whatever I could to suppress my feminine side which lead to a long battle with substance abuse and alcoholism.

I continued to dress through my teen years and into adulthood, though I remained closeted about it. I began questioning my gender about the same time I was questioning my sexuality which made things even more confusing for me.

I told a few of my partners about my dressing. One was a girlfriend I had been living with for 4 years and one was my ex-wife. Both were pretty understanding and accepting and interestingly enough both came out to me as lesbians shortly after. Maybe they saw my feminine side more clearly than I did?

When I met Trixie (see Trixie & I) I was identifying as a male crossdresser. She was the first person I met who actually knew this up front. After starting this site and dressing more and more I started to question my gender more and more. I also started doing more research online on transgender issues and gender identity disorder. That's when things started to click for me. The more I heard other transsexuals stories the more I felt I could relate to these women and the more I felt like I was one of them.

After attending a week long transgender conference with Trixie in the spring of 2007 I decided that it was time for me to begin my transition. After finally figuring out how I felt about my gender I began taking the steps needed to physically and biologically look and feel more feminine. I started on hormone replacement therapy in August 2008. As of now I have no intention on having SRS (sexual reassignment surgery). I would like to have breast augmentation and facial feminization surgeries done eventually. The sooner I raise the funds for that the sooner it will happen.

Trixie & I

We met in January of 2002 when I found Trixie's ad for a houseboy on Alt (like AdultFriendFinder for kinky people). Before the year was out we moved in together; I stopped being her "houseboy", but I've always been the one in a more "feminine" role in the relationship, doing 99% of the cooking. Our relationship is very traditional in many ways, in spite of what you might think by looking at our unconventional work as internet pornographers. We are hoping to start a family soon.

CD vs. TS

You may have noticed that this site is called, DeliaCD, with "CD" being short for crossdresser. Since I've come to terms with my gender identiy and decided to transition, that label is no longer accurate so I am ALSO in the process of transitioning to a new site, DeliaTS.com (short for transsexual). Don't worry, though: members will continue to get access to this site AND the new one automatically (we're not sure when that site will launch). As time and our budget permits, we hope to shoot new crossdressing content featuring real guys to post here on DeliaCD and/or on TrixiesHouseboy. - we are interested in the full spectrum of genderfucking and want as many degrees and variations of it to be represented on our sites as possible! Tell your friends online about my site and our work; the more members we get, the more likely it is we'll eventually have the resources to shoot other people!

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