Age:35   Birthday:10-31-69    Weight:140-200    Height:6'0''     Sexual Preference: Often

First Crossdressing Experience:  When I was in the 5th grade my mother had the idea of dressing me up as a little gypsy girl for Halloween.  She had me dress up in these knee high brown leather boots, a full length paisley skirt, white silky blouse, and a long brown 3/4 wig with a silk scarf around my head to hold it in place.  She had some clip-on earrings, a few long strands of beads for around my neck and a couple of bracelets for my wrists.  She even put a little make-up on my face before sending me out the door for our class party.  Nobody could figure out who this new girl was . . .  I think I shocked a few of the boys when I stepped into the men's room to take a leak!!!
On Sexuality: Part of the reason this site contains both sets of me en femme *and* en homme is that I find that at different times I am turned on by each one.  It's a little complicated but when I'm dressed as a female I tend to fantasize about men and dominant women.   When I'm dressed as a male I tend to fantasize about women and shemales/t-girls.  This is just how I feel in general . . . there's a lot of grey area here and my opinions and feelings seem to constantly changing and evolving. 
Significant other:  I currently live with my girlfriend Trixie who also happens to have a website.  She is the one who introduced me to the whole world of internet porn.  Not that I'd never seen  porn on the internet before but I'd never actually met anyone who produced it.
My other site:  The more masculine side of me Tucker Lee also has an adult site -  You can find out more about me there as well as see all my naughty boy pictures!!! Or if you want the whole ball of wax check out Spy On Us.
Likes:  Cooking, telemark skiing, most music, red wine, good food, yoga, Michael Moore, good movies, popcorn, gardening, This American Life on PRI, David Sedaris, and of course crossdressing!!!
  Dislikes:  George W Bush and his henchmen from hell, pretentious and/or rude people, rotten fruit.

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