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wSaturday, December 13, 2008

Trends in Porn

This is one of those trends that I've been noticing from a couple new porn sites that I've been seen online lately: fake cum from fake penises.

Image from Futanaria.com

And this new site:

Image from StrapOnCum.com

I think this is an interesting little niche that is opening up. It offers something to guys who might not join a shemale/transsexual site because they are conflicted about their own sexuality. And trust me there are many of them out there. These sites seem to fall somewhere in between fantasy and reality; somewhere between fakey "lesbian" porn and female on shemale action. Of course they are still really all about the cock and hot oozing cum. But some guys won't feel as threatened if they know they are actually getting off to "real" girls. And if they happen to get busted by a spouse or co-worker it's actually a little closer to "straight" porn and therefor a little easier to explain.

Don't get me wrong. I think that these sites will appeal to a broad spectrum of people both male and female. I personally love the Futanaria site because it focuses on the bold exaggerations that I love seeing in toons. They tend to stretch the imagination and take you to a world where the impossible suddenly becomes possible.


Heads up for Members - Trixie and I both have cam shows scheduled for today and today and tomorrow. Be sure to check our calender for times.

Upcoming Events for Members:
SHOW Saturday 6-7 pm Pacific Time.
Click on the Rude link on Members-Only page.
JOIN NOW for access.

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wTuesday, December 02, 2008

Tranny Awards Season

The AVN recently announced it's nominations for the 2009 AVN Adult Movie Awards. While I don't really follow what's going on in the adult video world as much as I probably should, there are a couple of nominees that I am pulling for in the transsexual categories this year.

One of the people I think deserves some recognition is Wendy Williams, the self proclaimed "red headed step child" of the adult transsexual industry. She is one of hardest working girls out there and has really done a lot to expand the shemale genre in adult films. This is the fourth year in a row that she has been nominated for an award and has been nominated in two categories, Transsexual Performer of the Year and Best TS Release for Shemale Gangbang: The Interracial Version. So I'm hoping that this will be the year that she finally brings home an award. Here's her youtube video about the AVNs.

Another nomination in the Best TS Release that I would like to see win is Buddy Wood's Shemale Cuties Who Love It Up Their Booties featuring our friend the lovely Mandy Mitchell.

Since the AVN has been pretty limited in their recognition of transsexuals in the adult industry, this year Grooby Productions, the creators of such sites as ShemaleYum, Brazillian Transsexuals, and Shemale Japan just to name a few, will be hosting the Tranny Awards. It's exciting to me because they have included a "Best Amateur TG website" category that I'm hoping to get a nomination. There are a few other websites out there that are similar to mine that would also fit into this category, but I like to think my site is unique and deserves recognition for all the hard work I put into it. I've never won an award in my life so I'm not getting my hopes up too high now. But if you want to see me nominated you can stop by the site and cast your vote me and all your other favorites!

Nominate DeliaCD.com for theBest Amateur TG website!

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wSaturday, April 12, 2008

Promoting: Others and Self

I love the amount of cross promotion that goes on in the world of internet porn. There are various methods like trading links or swapping content. Occasionally girls will get together and do shoots that each can use on their own site while also sending traffic to their friend's. Of course some people just like the content on a particular site and think fans of their site might enjoy it too. So they may promote it and make a little money from their affiliate program.

When I got a free promotional tank top from Shemale Yum (thanks Seanchai)I decided I would do a little shoot in it. Partly because it was cute and would be good content for my site and partly to promote their site. They are actually one of the first shemale sites that I ever joined years ago. They have been on the net for over ten years now and continue to feature a wide variety of t-girls from all over world. Not only that but the people who run it are good people, at least the ones that I've been in contact with. Here's a little sample from the set:

Some people even offer to make special fan signs like this one from Jamie Cox:

Awww . . . thank you Jamie!!! She really is a cutie and from what I've seen she has some great content. She also has a super nice webmaster who has helped promote my site in the past (thanks Vince).


Okay, enough about these other sites here's a little exciting news about my site. Thanks largely to Trixie's efforts my member's area has an awesome new make over. It's much more sleek and shiny and easier to navigate with a few new added features and information. Also it is set up similar to Trixie's site. And since a membership to one of our sites gives you access to all of our sites it will make it easier to navigate for people moving from one site to the next. It makes me feel really proud every time I look at it. Here's a little peek:

Click for larger image


But wait there's more!!! Trixie and I shot some really hot strap on sex video last week. It starts out POV with me giving her strap on a good tongue bath, then she bends me over the arm of the couch and fucks my ass for awhile. The grand finale features me riding her reverse cowgirl with a sweet pop shot! I'll try to post a few screen caps from it in the next week or so.

I'll be doing a softcore cam show tomorrow since Trixie will be ovulating soon. Probably a lot of dressing and stripping with a lot of teasing. We will be having sex in the morning so members can catch us on our voyeur cams.

Upcoming Events for Members:
SHOW Sunday 7-8 pm Pacific Time.
Click on the Live Shows link on Members-Only page.
JOIN NOW for access.

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