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wSaturday, July 12, 2008


Sometimes I wish the photo shoots that we do just hinged on getting that one perfect shot . . . the money shot. Like they do in the advertising industry. With a very narrow focus and some sort of pre-concieved notion of what everyone is after. The model knows, the photographer knows, the hair and make-up people know, the wordrobe people know, even the guys that work the lights and fans and such are tuned into that one vision of the "perfect" picture.

Unfortunately for us we don't even have a staff to convey that sort of info to at this point. It's just me and Trix. Also, being in the adult industry and all, most of the time we are working for a progression of pictures. Starting with some sexy outfit and dwindling down to nothing or next to nothing with plenty of teasing along the way. Of course that leaves things a bit open as to *how* you get from point A to point B and the door to spontaneity is left wide open for the most part.

That being said I was really excited to see this photo in the mix from our latest shoot:

I'm so happy we got this shot, though neither Trixie or I set out to capture this one image. There are several other *really* nice pictures from this set and I'm sure different people would pick out different pictures as "the shot" from the set. To me though this is it and bound to be one of my favorite images of myself for years to come.

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posted by Delia at 1:45 PM

yes that shot is especially gorgeous.

sending my good vibes out to you on your visit with your family hope all goes well.
I absolutely love this type of photograph which emphasizes the sexual ambiguity of the subject. Delia's long, lean/muscular, boyish look counterpoints the breasts inside the tee shirt to creat a wonderful artistic composition. A terrific idea to use sandals instead of heels, also, it gives the photo a Waifish aspect which blends well in relation to the faded wallpaper and carpet.

Ingrid Walsh
Thanks!!! The visit with relatives was okay. I'll be blogging a bit more about it soon.


Thanks Ingrid. This was actually taken outside though at an old military fort near by. That's a concrete wall that I'm leaning on and if you look down by my feet you'll see a rail hidden among the leaves coming out from behind the rusty doors.
Sweetie, you are beautiful. But you need to understand that a most glamor photography is heavily doctored in photoshop. You have all the makings of a Playboy Bunny if you just do some smart retouching. I love all your photos because they seem real. But if you want to push the limits, it isn't make-up specialists you need, you just need to pull them into photoshop and do some smart airbrushing.

Regardless, you're perfect to me the way you are. You don't know how much pleasure your pictures bring to me.
Thanks Ripwriter - I know that most people use a heavy hand in photoshop when they edit "glam" pictures. I used to do a lot more of that but have backed off of it recently to acheive a more natural, "realistic" look to my pictures. I've also found that spending a few extra minutes prepping and doing make up can save you hours worth of touching up in photoshop. Even with all the airbrushing done to Playboy bunnies they still have some of the best people in the biz doing make up and hair for them. Every bit helps.

For now though I think we'll stick with our own little method of doing things and hope that folks like you continue to enjoy them ;-)
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