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wFriday, May 22, 2009

Shifting Gears

I've been feeling a little shift in gears in my transition recently. Kind of like I'm settling into it a bit. Like when you hit cruising gear after accelerating for awhile. Or maybe it's just 2nd or 3rd gear or something.

Once again this year Trixie and I attended a local transgender conference. The past two years we've only been able to be there for the weekend. We also were one of the couples on a panel discussion on TG relationships. This year it was just us and one other couple, a female to male (FTM) transsexual and his female partner. It was interesting to hear things from the other perspective, especially the shift in sexual identity within the couple. In some ways it was a reversal of what we are going through as a couple. Although Trixie and I both identify as pansexual/omnisexual so I don't think our own sexual identities have really shifted much. The way we are perceived as a couple by society has shifted though from a hetero couple to lesbian, the exact opposite of what the other couple was going through.

I also attended a great little workshop while we were there on feminizing your voice with Kathe Perez. Kathe is a Speech-Language Pathologist who specializes in voice feminization. I did a one on one session with her too later in the day which was really cool. Nice to get some feedback and a few tips and pointers as well as some take home exercises. She has a CD series, Fundamentals of Your Feminine Voice, that I picked up while I was there also. I haven't made my way through the whole set yet but it seems like it has some pretty good tips and exercises. I think it's really going to help me focus on the the areas I need to improve in order to have a more natural feminine sounding voice. Eventually I would like my singing voice to have a feminine ring to it too. I haven't been playing my guitar much lately because everytime I start to sing something my male voice comes through and it just sounds weird to me and freaks me out a little.

Speaking of things that are natural and feminine . . . my boobs seem to really be starting to shape up. This picture and the one up top are from my latest members update. There are some really beautiful shots in this set. We took them right around sunset so they have a nice warm glow to them :-)

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wSunday, March 01, 2009

Twin Peaks - No Tell Motel

These are a few samples from my latest update

We continued with the Twin Peaks theme this week. Shooting in a dimly lit motel room proved to be a bit of a challenge. We had brought all of our lighting equipment just in case we wanted it. But in this case it would have completely destroyed the mood we were trying to capture.

I really like the painting of the prairie home and rusted out locomotive. We were going to do some other things involving the creepy mask and wig, but decided to save that for another day.

It was a little frustrating finding exactly what settings on the camera to use for this dark and moody set. I know there are probably other things we could have done to make these look better but overall I was really pleased with what we accomplished.


I'm not sure why but I tend to be one of those people who doesn't make a big deal about birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays in general. It's not that I don't honor those achievements or traditions it's just that I don't always feel the need to celebrate them. One birthday/anniversary/milestone that I do want to mention here in my blog before it gets too far behind me is the 5th year of DeliaCD being open to members.

I originally opened my site in February of 2004. Things started out pretty slow and I was (and still am) kind of learning things as I went. It was pretty slow going at first but gradually I began to build up more and more content for my site. As more members joined I was able to quit my "regular" job and focus more of my attention on the site. It has been really rewarding watching it grow over the years. Five years is the longest time that I've ever stuck with any sort of job, so I'm also pretty proud of the commitment that I've shown in sticking with it for so long. I sent out a newsletter last week with a link to this little page I made just for the occasion. I spent way too much time making each one of those banners, but it was actually kind of fun. Each one is unique and is made up of the thumbnails that I use to link to my galleries and video pages.

It's funny because in some ways I feel like I've accomplished a lot over that period and in other ways I feel like I could have done so much more. So yeah . . . hindsight.

Trixie wrote about a few other anniversaries that are important to me also.

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wWednesday, December 31, 2008


Just a quick addendum to the last post. Yesterday our internet connection went down and later our power was out due to weather conditions in our area. So we'll be rescheduling yesterdays cam shows for New Years Day. I'll be on in the same time slot 7-8 pm Pacific time. Today's shows are still happening if everything holds up. Keep your fingers crossed ;-)

Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable evening!!! WOOT WOOT 2009!!!

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wTuesday, December 30, 2008

Cam Show Schedule

Just wanted to make a quick post to remind people that I'll be doing live cam shows today and tomorrow. I'll be on from 7-8 pm Pacific Time today and tomorrow from 4-5 pm. Trixie will also be doing her shows in the same time slots but on opposite days, so 4-5 pm Pacific time today and 7-8 pm tomorrow. In addition we'll be having a members only chat on New Years Day from 2-3:30 pm. If you're a member I hope you'll be able to come in and say hello. If you aren't a member than it's a great time to join and start the new year out right!!!

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wSaturday, December 06, 2008

Busy Week

This has been kind of an exhausting week for me. We had our late Thanksgiving with Trixie's sister's family on Tuesday. So they arrived on Monday evening and left on Wednesday afternoon. I did all the cooking which I truly enjoy. We did the full spread with Turkey, stuffing, mashers, gravy, yams, cranberries, green beans, and of course pumpkin pie with whipped cream. I thought the turkey was a little off. We bought it fresh last year and then Trixie's mom broke her wrist right before Thanksgiving so we ended up sticking it in the freezer for a year. Everyone seemed to enjoy it though and no one got food poisoning or anything so that was good.

Thursday I woke up with a sore throat and stuffy nose but needed to do a shoot for this weeks update (see pictures above). On Friday I had to drive about 7 hours round trip through shitty traffic to get to my laser hair removal appointment. They closed down the branch of the spa that I've been going to for the last year and a half so the closest one is now twice as far. There are a couple places that do laser and are closer but when I signed on for their package of treatments they offered half off of any follow ups. So it was worth the drive.

When I got home I spent the rest of the evening editing pictures. Today/Saturday I finished off the editing, built the gallery and uploaded the picture set. Then I took pictures of Trixie for her update this week. Oh yeah, I also made some promo clips that I added to my free video page. So it's been a busy week and next week we're planning on doing Christmas shoots and cam shows on the weekend. No rest for the wicked.

Upcoming Events for Members:
SHOWS Saturday & Sunday 4-5 pm Pacific Time.
Click on the Live Shows link on Members-Only page.
JOIN NOW for access.

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wSunday, November 30, 2008

Site Plans
So I know a lot of you are wondering what is going to happen to my site now that I'm transitioning since I don't identify as a CD/crossdresser any longer. Right now we're working on a new site that will basically start where DeliaCD leaves off. DeliaTS is, as Trixie puts it, the sequel to DeliaCD. I'm thinking more Godfather 2 here and not so much Grease 2. Members will still have access to all of our sites. So current members at DeliaCD will automatically gain access to DeliaTS once it goes live and new members to DeliaTS will gain access to all of my archives on DeliaCD. Eventually I'd like to start shooting other crossdressers to update DeliaCD with. But I don't want to get too far ahead of myself here.

PG version of my Trans Vlog

The new site will still include fresh picture sets and video and I'll still be doing cam shows and chats for members. It will also include a few of the features that I recently added to DeliaCD like my "Trans Vlog" which I began right after I started on hormones. It's going to be part pornography, part personal journey. I'll be documenting my experiences and changes each step of the way and sharing them with members.

I'm pretty excited about the new changes and can't wait to get the new site up and running!

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wSaturday, May 03, 2008

Cam Shows

It's funny to me how I sometimes will get people coming into my chatroom during my group cam shows who obviously come in just to be disruptive. They usually say something rude or demeaning right away and quickly leave or I boot them out. I think other people come in with the intention of being assholes and actually end up enjoying part of the show. At some point they must get a little freaked out and are confused or feel guilty then they feel the need to lash out. I suspect many of them lurk around afterwards watching but not coming into the chatroom.

I usually get the standard attempts at insults like you're fucking sick or EWWWWWW!!! or WTF are you a DUDE? Occasionally people are hostile to everyone enjoying the show saying things like you're all a bunch of FAGS!! Even though I know there are females that equally enjoy my shows. Lately I've been getting a few interesting attempts that I've found particularly amusing.

A few weeks ago someone wanted me to show them my tits. Sometimes I'll just pull the breast forms out of my bra and flop them around in front of the camera just for a laugh. But most of the time I show my tiny titties off a bit and give a close up of my pierced nipples, which I did this time. The person obviously knew I didn't have "boobs" and wanted to say something demeaning about my flat chest. So they blurted out "Those aren't real!". I got a real kick out of that one. Yeah, these are implants. I was a little short on dough so I had to go with the micro boobies!

Then there was this guy last week who sat through the whole show and wanted everyone to know what a big manly man he was with a big cock built to satisfy. I usually wait to cum towards the end of the show (a little hint there for anyone who just wants to see the pop shot). So I got near the end and did a close up cum shot with my normal two or three spurts. And this guy's comment was "You call that a load?". Now, sometimes I do pvts before my group shows or may even have had sex earlier so I don't always shoot gallons of cum. But I hadn't done either before the show last week and it really was a pretty big load. I've actually become a pretty good judge of what a good load is from having my semen stored and analyzed at the sperm bank. The total volume for a healthy male is at least 2 ml. I've been averaging 4 to 6 ml per trip. Knowing what 6 ml of cum looks like, I would say that load was in the 6 to 8 ml range. Apparently it wasn't the flood of spooge this guy produces with his super soaker schlong though. It's the first time in my four years of doing cam shows that someone has criticized the volume of cum I produce. I guess he gets points for originality.

Speaking of cam shows . . . I changed the time of my camshow on Sunday to 2:00-3:00 pm Pacific time. Hopefully the new time slot will fit into members schedules better. I kept the Monday show at 7:00-8:00 pm but will be doing pvt shows before hand so members can see me earlier on our voyeur cams and I will bein our members only chat room.

I also sent out my bi monthly newsletter this week with the usual link to some freebies. I've gotton some good feedback from it. Hmmmm . . . maybe we should be doing some more strapon sex videos? I also tend to get a lot of email everytime I send out a newletter. So if you've written recently it may take me awhile to get back to you.

Upcoming Events for Members:
SHOW Sunday 2-3 pm Pacific Time.
Click on the CamZ link on Members-Only page.
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wSaturday, April 12, 2008

Promoting: Others and Self

I love the amount of cross promotion that goes on in the world of internet porn. There are various methods like trading links or swapping content. Occasionally girls will get together and do shoots that each can use on their own site while also sending traffic to their friend's. Of course some people just like the content on a particular site and think fans of their site might enjoy it too. So they may promote it and make a little money from their affiliate program.

When I got a free promotional tank top from Shemale Yum (thanks Seanchai)I decided I would do a little shoot in it. Partly because it was cute and would be good content for my site and partly to promote their site. They are actually one of the first shemale sites that I ever joined years ago. They have been on the net for over ten years now and continue to feature a wide variety of t-girls from all over world. Not only that but the people who run it are good people, at least the ones that I've been in contact with. Here's a little sample from the set:

Some people even offer to make special fan signs like this one from Jamie Cox:

Awww . . . thank you Jamie!!! She really is a cutie and from what I've seen she has some great content. She also has a super nice webmaster who has helped promote my site in the past (thanks Vince).


Okay, enough about these other sites here's a little exciting news about my site. Thanks largely to Trixie's efforts my member's area has an awesome new make over. It's much more sleek and shiny and easier to navigate with a few new added features and information. Also it is set up similar to Trixie's site. And since a membership to one of our sites gives you access to all of our sites it will make it easier to navigate for people moving from one site to the next. It makes me feel really proud every time I look at it. Here's a little peek:

Click for larger image


But wait there's more!!! Trixie and I shot some really hot strap on sex video last week. It starts out POV with me giving her strap on a good tongue bath, then she bends me over the arm of the couch and fucks my ass for awhile. The grand finale features me riding her reverse cowgirl with a sweet pop shot! I'll try to post a few screen caps from it in the next week or so.

I'll be doing a softcore cam show tomorrow since Trixie will be ovulating soon. Probably a lot of dressing and stripping with a lot of teasing. We will be having sex in the morning so members can catch us on our voyeur cams.

Upcoming Events for Members:
SHOW Sunday 7-8 pm Pacific Time.
Click on the Live Shows link on Members-Only page.
JOIN NOW for access.

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