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wFriday, March 27, 2009

My Tits, My Back

A few weeks ago I did something not so good to my back. I'm not sure exactly what I did to cause it. I think I may have tweaked it a little when I was shooting a POV video of Trixie giving me a blow job. I tried doing some stretching later on and I think I may have over twisted or something only making it even worse. Our soft and sagging mattress didn't help things either. I was waking up in the middle of the night in pain and having to get up and lay on the floor in sleeping bag with my legs propped up. I finally got a sheet of 3/4" plywood and slid it in between the mattress and the box spring. That helped a lot. I've been doing a lot of light stretching and taking things pretty easy lately and I'm feeling a lot better.

The whole ordeal made me feel old and feeble. It really made me appreciate what it must be like elderly with all the aches and pains. It's funny how having your mobility limited can effect you mentally. It really put me into a bit of a funk.

I was a little bummed out the last time I went in for my laser treatment. They had a new esthetician there who actually worked at the old place I went to. So the treatment wasn't nearly as good as the first time I went. I made sure to request the same person who did it before for my next appointment coming up next week.

On the boobage front things seem to be going quite well. My breasts are continuing to grow and are still pretty sore. My areolas are looking noticeably bigger. I did end up taking my nipple rings out after going back and forth on it for so long. It is nice to be able to feel nipples without any metal in the way. Trixie has been enjoying them also. It feels incredible when she sucks on them and plays with them when we're having sex.

This is actually the last set of pictures I did with my nipple rings in. The full gallery is now available in my Members Area. I also posted a new video update for my Trans Vlog where I spend a lot of time playing with my budding titties ;-) That ended up being more fun than I thought it was going to be!

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wThursday, January 08, 2009

Hello Kitty
**I just noticed something weird on all the pages that I have a twitter badge on it is asking for a username and password. If you are getting prompted just click cancel or close out the window. Hopefully it will be remedied soon.***

I've just finished editing the video clip from my latest picture set. I did a shoot in these cute fuzzy Hello Kitty shorts.

The pictures actually turned out pretty good despite some technical issues we were having with the camera.

I was a little uncertain about the garter belt, stocking and legwarmer combo but I have to say I really think it somehow works ;-)

The video is pretty funny because we shot it in our spare room on the guest bed (Trixie's old bed). It's probably the squeakiest bed I've ever slept in. When Trixie and I would fuck at her old apartment I was sure the whole building knew what was going on! So yeah, I was also using a little hello kitty buzzy toy but it was pretty quite compared to the squeaking and creaking of the bed. I'll be posting the video in tomorrow's update.

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wSaturday, August 16, 2008

Beach Pictures

Here's a few pics from this weeks update taken during our trip out to the Washington coast earlier this week:

I'll be posting the full set on Sunday so technically I guess that makes it next weeks update.

We had a great time while we were there. The weather was mostly overcast and foggy, but we did get a few sun breaks. And it was warm enough that we were able to get out and frolic in the water for awhile. Not that we wouldn't have otherwise . . . it just made it a bit nicer.

We took lots of long walks, took some nudey pictures and ate lots junk food(mmmmmmm . . . spicey pickled sausage and Zotz!). The last night we stayed at a campground roasted hot dogs and marshmallows over an open fire. I also had a chance to test out my new camp stove which worked great for hot drinks.

I noticed a little more color in my face when we got home. I think it looks great but, unfortunately I have a laser hair removal appointment next week. So it's not so great for that. I even wore sunblock most of the time. I think it must have washed out in the water though. Oh well, it should fade out some by next week.

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wSunday, June 22, 2008

Cock Sock Fever

These are a few sample pics from the latest gallery I posted in my members area yesterday.

I also just posted the nine minute solo masturbation video in which I used the elastic straps on one of the socks to tie around my waist creating a nice little cock sock. I thought it was a pretty creative use for them ;-)

You'll notice from the pictures above that I have a little less hair in the pubic region. Actually I have no pubes at all, totally bald. I decided it was time for a little change and I think it does look a little nicer in pictures. A few members have requested the clean shaven look over the years so there ya have it. I hope your happy!!! Hehehehehe.

I'm pretty happy with the results from my last laser appointment. It's been a little over year of treatments now. I have one more scheduled appointment in July and that should basically wipe out whatever is left of my facial hair. I may have to go in for a touch up session later on. I may have a few white/blond hairs that might need to be taken out by electrolysis but I think those might end up being fine enough once I start on hormones that they probably won't be noticeable.

- - - - - - -

Trixie and I are planning on going to Seattle Pride next weekend and are hoping to do a little meet and greet but haven't nailed anything down yet. I know it's short notice but if anyone is interested be sure to let me know.

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wSaturday, June 14, 2008

I Tried . . .

I really did. But new content for this week's update just wasn't happening. I'm going to do an extra juicy double update next week to make up for it which I'll try to post as soon as possible.

It's not like I don't have any cute outfits waiting to shoot in or any good ideas for shoots. It's just with trying to get pregnant and having company here and trying to keep up with cam shows has thrown a bit of a wrench into the system. I also just had my laser done on Tuesday and have two dark stripes running down my chin from areas that didn't get hit last time. The follicles are still working there way out and should be cleared up in a few days. I was all set to shoot yesterday and was hoping it would be cleared up or at least not that noticeable but they're still pretty bad. I know if I wait a few days it will look much better and I won't have to worry about going through and trying to touch up every single picture with my face in it.

Anywhoooo . . . I'll still be doing my live cam shows on Sunday from 3-4 pm and Monday 7-8 pm Pacific time. We'll probably shoot on Tuesday or Wednesday and I'll try to have a phat (yes that IS fat with a ph) update posted by the end of the week.

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wSaturday, March 24, 2007

Polka Dots

Full Gallery appearing in my Members-Only area with Friday 3/23 update
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Full Gallery appearing in my Members-Only area with Friday 3/9 update
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It's funny how hard it is for me to adopt some good habits, while others seem to come so naturally. One of the habits that seems to be hard for me to get into is making regular blog entries. Writing has always been a bit of a challenge for me, although I did quite well in most of my writing classes in college and really excelled in technical writing. I think it's just that habit of writing that has always eluded me. I know I've said this before but I do hope to get back into the habit of writing again soon. But hey, let's face it . . . you guys just come here for the pictures anyway ;-)

The two pictures above are from my last two photo sets. This week I added a two more full length achives from older CamZ shows in addition to the photo set from the top picture. Tommorow is my "show" day and I think I'll try to wash my blonde wigs tonight so I can use one of them for my show. Hope you can join me ;-)

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