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wTuesday, June 02, 2009

Shutting Down the Den

I've been posting my journal entries here and reposting over at the blog for my new site for quite some time now in anticipation of the shift. And, well quite frankly I'm getting sick of it. So this will be my last official DeliaCD post. The blog itself isn't going anywhere. It will remain up as an archive. You can continue to follow me there and switch any links you might have over when you get a chance. See you over at the new blog!!! Goodbye blogger - I'm going to miss you!

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wFriday, May 22, 2009

Shifting Gears

I've been feeling a little shift in gears in my transition recently. Kind of like I'm settling into it a bit. Like when you hit cruising gear after accelerating for awhile. Or maybe it's just 2nd or 3rd gear or something.

Once again this year Trixie and I attended a local transgender conference. The past two years we've only been able to be there for the weekend. We also were one of the couples on a panel discussion on TG relationships. This year it was just us and one other couple, a female to male (FTM) transsexual and his female partner. It was interesting to hear things from the other perspective, especially the shift in sexual identity within the couple. In some ways it was a reversal of what we are going through as a couple. Although Trixie and I both identify as pansexual/omnisexual so I don't think our own sexual identities have really shifted much. The way we are perceived as a couple by society has shifted though from a hetero couple to lesbian, the exact opposite of what the other couple was going through.

I also attended a great little workshop while we were there on feminizing your voice with Kathe Perez. Kathe is a Speech-Language Pathologist who specializes in voice feminization. I did a one on one session with her too later in the day which was really cool. Nice to get some feedback and a few tips and pointers as well as some take home exercises. She has a CD series, Fundamentals of Your Feminine Voice, that I picked up while I was there also. I haven't made my way through the whole set yet but it seems like it has some pretty good tips and exercises. I think it's really going to help me focus on the the areas I need to improve in order to have a more natural feminine sounding voice. Eventually I would like my singing voice to have a feminine ring to it too. I haven't been playing my guitar much lately because everytime I start to sing something my male voice comes through and it just sounds weird to me and freaks me out a little.

Speaking of things that are natural and feminine . . . my boobs seem to really be starting to shape up. This picture and the one up top are from my latest members update. There are some really beautiful shots in this set. We took them right around sunset so they have a nice warm glow to them :-)

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wSaturday, May 09, 2009

Sheer Panty Pr0n

I love seeing the different layers, colors, and textures in this picture.

I know that at least a few of my fans really enjoy sheer panties both on me and on themselves. I must admit I do love the seeing a soft or semi hard she cock clearly visible through a pair of sexy sheer panties. Here's another little sample from this weeks members update.

I've been really good lately about getting my weekly updates done and posted consistently every Saturday. I've actually been starting to get ahead a bit on some of my content lately which means I should have time to work on a few other projects that I've been putting off for so long. I'm also looking forward to doing a few outside shoots some time soon now that the weather is a bit nicer.

In transition news, I got my lab results back from my last visit to the doctor. Both my testosterone and estradiol levels are now within normal female range. My testosterone is still a bit on the high side but I still haven't had any real problems achieving or maintaining erections. Plus overall I'm pretty happy with the feminizing effects hormones are having on my body and mind. My breasts are still growing and are still pretty sore and get a little itchy sometimes. So I'm going to be continuing on my same dosage. I'll re access things in about 6 months.

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wSunday, April 26, 2009

Portland Trip

Slutty shemale schoolgirl pics

Well we had a pretty good trip down to Portland last week. I was hoping to shoot again with Mandy but she was out of town (missed her by one day). I was also hoping to shoot with Krissy but she got sick and had to cancel. But I did get a clean bill of health from my Doc, which is the whole reason we were down there in the first place. We were also able to get caught up on some more solo content. We shot 3 videos and 4 picture sets, including the schoolgirl pics from above, while we were there. So we made pretty good use of our time.

Every time we've been down to Portland I always wish we had more time to just hang out and explore. I think we probably would have done a bit more of that but my back started acting up. It's been feeling much better lately but I think walking around and standing on the hard concrete irritated it a bit. I think I also have a hard time relaxing when I know I could/should be doing work related things. It's really hard for me to keep it all separated sometimes.

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wSunday, April 19, 2009

Interview with Caramel

I recently did an interview with Caramel from Caramel's Tgirls. I'm not sure when the first time that I came into contact with Cara was. I think it might have been through a Yahoo group or Yahoo360. Anyway, she has always been really supportive and has been an active affiliate promoting our sites for years now. So be sure to take a look at the interview if you are interested and keep an eye out for more great interviews from her in the future.

I also wanted to make a quick mention here about a book that an acquaintance of mine just released: Understanding Transgender People by Claire Ruth Winter. I met Claire a few years ago at a transgender conference and had the privilege to attend a few of the lectures she was presenting. Though I haven't read the book yet, I'm sure that with her wit, charm and insight it will be a great read.

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wWednesday, April 15, 2009

Getting Sprung
Here's a little sample from my latest set of pics. The full gallery of 177 pics is now availible in my members area. I'll also be adding video this weekend. Some really hot toy play that you won't want to miss!

Spring is definitely in the air around here. On Monday I got another laser hair removal treatment on my face and neck area. On the way back home Trixie and I stopped at a nursery and pick up a few nice showy plants for our little planter boxes out front. We also found a special herb that we've been trying to find for awhile now, Perilla. It's used a lot in Vietnamese and Japanese cooking in rolls and salads. It really is delightful.

Monday was a pretty wet and cold day, in fact we even got a little snow on the way down. But today the sun finally decided to shine, and we were able to get out and plant. We even had a little lunch outside on our deck. I also mowed the lawn for the first time this season. I love the smell of fresh cut grass. The hummingbirds have been putting on their little displays the past few weeks now too. It finally feels like spring is here.

I'm going in to get my hair done tomorrow. I think I'm going to go a little lighter with the color, bring in a little more blonde. I'm also doing a cam show tomorrow and Friday so be sure to come by and see how it turns out.

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wFriday, March 27, 2009

My Tits, My Back

A few weeks ago I did something not so good to my back. I'm not sure exactly what I did to cause it. I think I may have tweaked it a little when I was shooting a POV video of Trixie giving me a blow job. I tried doing some stretching later on and I think I may have over twisted or something only making it even worse. Our soft and sagging mattress didn't help things either. I was waking up in the middle of the night in pain and having to get up and lay on the floor in sleeping bag with my legs propped up. I finally got a sheet of 3/4" plywood and slid it in between the mattress and the box spring. That helped a lot. I've been doing a lot of light stretching and taking things pretty easy lately and I'm feeling a lot better.

The whole ordeal made me feel old and feeble. It really made me appreciate what it must be like elderly with all the aches and pains. It's funny how having your mobility limited can effect you mentally. It really put me into a bit of a funk.

I was a little bummed out the last time I went in for my laser treatment. They had a new esthetician there who actually worked at the old place I went to. So the treatment wasn't nearly as good as the first time I went. I made sure to request the same person who did it before for my next appointment coming up next week.

On the boobage front things seem to be going quite well. My breasts are continuing to grow and are still pretty sore. My areolas are looking noticeably bigger. I did end up taking my nipple rings out after going back and forth on it for so long. It is nice to be able to feel nipples without any metal in the way. Trixie has been enjoying them also. It feels incredible when she sucks on them and plays with them when we're having sex.

This is actually the last set of pictures I did with my nipple rings in. The full gallery is now available in my Members Area. I also posted a new video update for my Trans Vlog where I spend a lot of time playing with my budding titties ;-) That ended up being more fun than I thought it was going to be!

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